4 Is My Magic Number

Hi Everyone, my name is Kristen Blair and I’m the newbie on the block! Not new to Madison(I’ve lived here for over 10 years), not new to being a mom(I’m a mom of 4), but new to blog writing! I’m a little nervous but Colleen assured me that all of you out there in cyber land are nice as can be! I was asked to come on board to shed some perspective on things mostly, but not limited to, all things kids (ranging from infants to grade school). But enough about that…let’s get to the down and dirty of who I am! I was born and raised in Bayonne and then moved to Madison shortly before my husband and I got married. My husband, who is a native to Madison, also happens to be a Lieutenant on the Fire Department here in town. Yep! That’s right!   Besides being a stay-at-home mom of 4, I’m also a Firefighter’s Wife. We have our own club you know! Before deciding to stay at home I was a teacher for 6 years( I taught both Pre-K and 3rd grade). After having my first son we thought it would be best for me to stay home. Good thing because 19 months later came my second son! My husband and I figured, why stop there and lets go for number 3! 2 years later came…you guessed it…son number 3! Are you singing the theme song for “My 3 Sons”? In September of 2015, I sadly watched my “last child” walk into pre-school! My husband luckily had the day off so we went for our FIRST kid free walk on a school day in over 4 years. Little did we know that 2 weeks later I’d find out I was pregnant with number 4! A few months later the doctor called and said “Do you want to know what you’re having?” We of course wanted to know! I figured I was destined to be a mom of 4 boys, which would have been perfectly fine cause I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boys, but then the words “It’s a girl” came out of her mouth! I thought I was in the twilight zone! So here we are, May of 2017 and we have our 3 boys and 1 princess(who’s about to turn 1)!


When I’m not running to soccer or football or swimming, when I’m not folding laundry or washing dishes, when I'm not making bottles or brownies or pouring drinks, when I’m not being a referee in my living room or trying to monitor who was on what electronic for how long, I really love to relax by reading, traveling(which doesn’t happen much these days), and cooking! While my 8 year old tells me all the time I can win all of the cooking competition shows I watch, I by no means am a chef but I’m a total foodie! So there you have it…that’s me in a nutshell…sometimes wondering if I live in a nuthouse or not!

A little bit about why I’m excited for this new venture is because I love helping people if I can and giving advice if it’s wanted! I can’t wait to share some experiences and reviews of some things I’ve learned(so far) on this trip called motherhood.